Shark Cage Dive tours

Depart from: Port Lincoln, South Australia  - All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST (10% GST).

1 Day Shark Cage Dive Tour – Spectator

Adult Fee: $395.00 AUD

Child Fee: $245.00 AUD  [child = 16 years and under]

*Additional $100.00 payable if you decide to dive in the cage

Price includes the use of our 7mm wetsuit, hood, boots, gloves and mask

 1 Day Shark Cage dive Tour - Diver

If you would prefer, you can book on as a diver – 1 Day SHARK CAGE DIVING Adventure

$495.00 AUD per Adult

$345.00 AUD per Child

Price includes the use of our 7mm wetsuit, hood, boots, gloves and mask

Currency Conversion

Top 5 Currencies coNversions ($495 AUD):

  • USD – 463.53
  • EUR – 335.43
  • GBP – 277.14
  • CAD – 509.10
  • NZD – 539.34

IMPORTANT: This is only a guide, click here for currency conversion

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Everyone knows that when dealing with nature there are definitely NO GUARANTEES. We want to make sure that you are well informed about our Shark Policy and that your expectations are reasonable. We can surely do our utmost to ‘lure’ the Great White to us within government specified guidelines however being the wonderful, impulsive & unpredictable creatures that they are we simply cannot change that.

In the event that a Great White is not seen during your cage dive, you will be offered a refund of $100 taking you back to the spectator product. Refunds will be processed by the office on the day following the charter, except for on Saturday where they will be processed on the Monday. A ‘Half Price Gift Voucher’ will be given to all passengers, valid for half the price of the diver or spectator product. The voucher is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. These vouchers cannot be exchanged for a refund and are not redeemable for cash due to the high costs associated with running the charter. If sharks are sighted on this trip, the $100 upgrade fee will be payable for those booked as spectators, or those who have been refunded back to the spectator product on the day.

In the event that a Great White is not seen on the second journey out with us, and on any subsequent trips following this, you will be able to return for the price of $100 per person, to come onboard as a diver.

To assist you with making your decision on the best time to travel please visit our shark sightings calendar.

Gift Vouchers

Can’t decide on a date or want to surprise a loved one for their Birthday, Xmas or Just Because? Or maybe you can’t decide on a work or personal farewell gift??? Why not purchase a GIFT VOUCHER.

What a great way to book an appointment with the Great White Shark!! Gift vouchers are available for purchase by contacting our friendly office staff. Charters redeeming Gift Vouchers must be completed within 1 year from the date of purchase.

Adventure Souvenirs

Available for pre purchase at our office or through the online booking section of our website or purchase onboard. EFTPOS available on land.

  • Highlights Package: $50 each.
  • Our underwater cameras are available for all to use.
  • Includes a CD of Digital photos taken on your adventure and a DVD of the day’s highlights together with some fantastic underwater shark footage!
  • We cannot guarantee that you will be on the video underwater in the cage.
  • Video footage is available to be viewed on board on the trip home
  • Disposable Underwater Camera (27 exposure): $20 each.
  • We have a range of souvenirs available for purchase onboard.
  • EFTPOS available on land.